short&sweet 25.10.06
short news:
.fixed some links
.added some new snippets to the music section
.created an account on => refusednb
there u will find more snippets of current projects i work on and other newsbits

the sun finally arrived! 10.06.06
hi folks
was quite inactive in the last months, sorry for that!
i had no time to update this page because of my work and several other things - but that will change! :)
got some things in the making now, expect some nu tunes soon (but not on this page hehe)

already changed the of look the site to make it looks more sunny and summer-like.
will update the mp3 section soon with new snippets. have a nice day
merry x-mas 26.12.05
hi all
quite a while ago since i wrote something down here or updated the site with a new song. but now it's christmas time and i got 1 week vacation. ;)
i already made us of my holiday and finished a chillout ep. this one is meant to be a christmas present decided to ma Produer-Network Community. we made it to 13tracks from several artists like lipton, sabian, nuke, nebular and so on...

you can download the ep HERE
and if you like to comment on the ep, use ma guestbook or write it directly in the PN forum.
probably u have to register first on the forum.

wish ya all a happy christmas and a good new year!
busy 12.10.05
just want to tell ya all that iam quite busy at the moment...and that's why i can't update this site so often. hope u understand this ;)

there are btw some new tracks i made (also some collaborations with my mate cruel culture), will add them later when they are finished / unsigned ;D
of course i dont want to let u down hearing new sounds from me, so i uploaded a new mixset. this time it goes more into liquidfunk sounds (btw this mixset was also played on 23.10 on the aural impact radio).

v1.0b 12.09.05
well...i didn't make the promised things on the weekend because of my headache.
today i felt quite better, so i decided to optimize the page a lil bit (forwarding on the basis of screen resolution, vertical correction of all the small lines between text, ...)
i didn't finish the newsletter yet, hope to finish it this weekend ;D

btw: tomorrow i will play at a new monthly drum'n'bass afterwork-session called "DerDerbeDienstag" @ Spooon Club, Berlin. if u like -> take a look at the flyer!
re: newsletter 07.09.05
btw the newsletter don't works yet. i'll fix it at the weekend or so.
good night!
mix 'n' snippets! 07.09.05 i added a few snippets/preview of brand nu tracks to the site. mostly unfinished material, but i hope i can take time to finish them.
furthermore i'll play at a gig called "celebrate life" @ insel, 17.09 the organizer asked me to record a small promo-mix. well...since almost 2weeks iam ill (cold + sore throat + headache + ..) i hadn't the power&motivation to make all these things, but since yesterday i'm all right again (only headache won't go away). so i decided to record the mix, just used the usual new recordstuff. mix isn't that worldshaking&good, but at least it's quite ok.

i would be happy about some comments on the mix/snippets in the shoutbox or in my email-office ;)
new name, new outfit, new sound! 04.09.05
after a long time of silence i am back with a new nick and a new sound. of course a new outfit for the homepage shouldn't be missing. i hope u get around with the concept of the new design.
i would be glad, if you leave a comment in the shoutbox. ;)